Nike CK

The NIKE CK Potassium Ascorbate:


This integrator is officially registered by the National Department of Health with decree-lawn umber 111 of 27 January 1992.


Each dose is composed of two packets, one containing 150 mg of L-Ascorbic acid and the other containg 300 mg of Potassium bicarbonate.


One packet of L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) plus one packet of potassium bicarbonate dissolved in 20 cc of water. To be taken once a day on an empty stomach in the morning or according to medical prescription.


Integrator recommended in case of lack of, poor quantity or increased requirement of Potassium Ascorbate.

Nutritional Table:

Average analysis for 100 gr for dose
Energetic value 00 kcal, 00 kj 00 kcal, 00 kj
proteins (nx6,5) absent absent
Carbohydrates absent absent
Fats absent absent
l-ascorbic acid 33 gr 150.0 mg RDA 83%
potassium 26 gr 117.3 mg RDA 4%


Box, 100 doses, Euros 36,00.