Nike M

The NIKE M Magnesium Chloride:

Magnesium is, right after Potassium, the second cation according to its presence and importance at intracellular level. The operation of magnesium is very important in the metabolic functions controlled by potassium, in which it plays the role of "mediator" as well as that of a direct control on about 300 enzymes. In the exact combination with the other physiological electrophilic elements it is indispensable to the biologic balance of the human body. The lack of it may be cause of many problems such as muscular pains, respiratory difficulty and chronic tiredness. It appears also to be involved -together with potassium- in slackening the aging process of cells. The rnagnesium chloride in its crystallized form is registered as such in the official pharmacopeia. It is a colorless salt highly soluble in water and particularly sensitive to humidity. It is extracted mainly from seawater of which it is responsible for its characteristic bitter taste.


A daily dose of 1 gr. (packet) taken in the middle of the morning or after the evening meal may be considered sufficient to integrate the amount of magnesium absorbed during the daily regular alimentation, especially when associated with potassium ascorbate (even with ribose). In the latter case periods of treatment with magnesium chloride for 10 or 15 days a month are recommended.


This integrator is officially registered by the National Department of Health with decree-law number 111 of 27 January 1992.


Magnesium chloride 1 gr.

Nutritional Table:

Average analysis for 100 gr for each dose
Energetic value 00 kcal, 00 kj 00 kcal, 00 kj
proteins (nx6,5) absent absent
Carbohydrates absent absent
fats absent absent
magnesium 11.96 gr 119.6 mg


Integrator recommended in case of lack of, poor quantity or increased requirement of magnesium.
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Box, 50 doses, Euros 15,00.